Artist: Kyla Sjogren
Based in: Wheeler, Oregon
Medium: Wool, Indigo dye and Phyllospadix scouleri (Scouler's surfgrass), 36” x 36”
Date: 2023
Location at the Stephanie: 1st floor, hallway past front desk

About the Artist

Growing up in rural Florida, Kyla dreamt of the day when she could gaze at the unique coastal tide pools of the Pacific Northwest. More than a decade ago, that dream came true when she moved to Portland to attend a distinguished MFA program through the former Oregon College of Art and Craft. Kyla divides her time between a career in corporate apparel and a slower-paced life on the North Coast, where she weaves textiles at an even slower pace. She resides in Wheeler, Oregon, where Roosevelt elk occasionally appear on Lazarus Island. You can see more of Kyla’s work and process here.