Tidal Shift No.1 / Tidal Shift No. 2

Artist: Brittany Boles
Based in: Gearhart, Oregon
Medium: Plant-based Indigo Hand-dyed on Linen; Reclaimed redwood hangers by Justin Bailie
Date: 2023
Location at the Stephanie: Both sides of staircase, between 1st and 2nd floor

Artist Statement

Breath is the first calibration as you crest the dunes. Here there is space for light to bounce back, to wander without needing to settle. Pure motion. Exhale leaves the body with a swift shiver. Salty inhale as the horizon opens and pulse slows. Thoughts ebb and flood like the tides. Moon the only timekeeper we need: Blue beyond us, blue above us, and deep blue below us. 

About the Artist

Britt Boles is a textile artist inspired by deep source connection with seed to natural pigment cycles.

See Brittany’s work at Indigofest.org and @seaspellfiber.