Rain Study #2

Artist: George Wilson
Based in: Portland, Oregon
Medium: Watercolor on Paper, 12” x 16”
Date: 2022
Location at the Stephanie: Library

Artist Statement

I love to see the rain change the world around me. Rain approaches: dark clouds slowly obscure the horizon, envelop the landscape, soften the outlines of the hills. Rain falls: a downpour hisses on the surface of the water, turns the pilings on the river into black, staccato notes within a symphony of gray. Rain subsides: Reveals slowly shafts of sunlight, glistening jewel-like drops hang from low branches. I love the rain: “the smirr, the smaa saft” rain, the dreich, dark days, the deluge. And after the deluge, huge delight in a refreshed landscape and the sight of the receding storm. These studies of the rain calm my spirit and help me hold on to beauty as we live through this collective storm. May it soon pass.

About the Artist

George Wilson, who resides in Portland, Oregon, comes from a small fishing village in Scotland where he grew up in a family of fishermen going back seven generations. He imbues his dream-like watercolor paintings with his love of water and places where land meets sea. Focusing on painting and drawing, Wilson studied fine art at the prestigious Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland. After graduating, he found his way back to the sea, his time shared between fishing trips and the studio. His work is a beautiful balance of both worlds, one love always merging with the other. 

George is represented by Imogen Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.