Last Turn

Artist: Jef Gunn
Based in: Portland, Oregon
Medium: Oil on Canvas, 32” x 40”
Date: 2023
Location at the Stephanie: 2nd floor hallway

Artist Statement

I paint, ostensibly, landscape. What I am painting is mind. Mind in perpetual contact with phenomena, always in motion. From the ephemera of mind, from observing the ever-changing world, a love and adoration and gratitude glows like the sun. Everything is held together by this love. That’s all I know to do, to hold everything dear.

About the Artist

Jef Gunn was born in Seattle in 1955 and grew up along the West Coast–from Puget Sound and Portland to Southern California and Hawaii. He studied drawing and painting in California through the 1970s, held residencies in Barcelona and Paris in the 1980s, and, since the mid-1990s, has engaged in a passionate study of Asian art. In 2005, Gunn completed a BFA in painting from Marylhurst University. Since 1996, Gunn has taught at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon Society of Artists and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the Oregon coast. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon, and teaches oil painting, monotype printing, and other creative pursuits through his First Light Studio. 

You can find more of Jef’s work here.