Land, Sea, Sky

Artist: Stirling Gorsuch
Based in: Astoria, Oregon
Medium: Monoprint, 17” x 23”
Date: 2023
Location at the Stephanie: 1st floor, hallway past front desk

Artist Statement

Recently my work is informed by observations outdoors, which I carry back to the studio and draw from. My favorite time to study our natural surroundings is the early morning and at dusk, also known as the “Golden Hour.” The light and color during these times are what I am interested in capturing, by incorporating layers of transparent ink and stenciling onto heavy cotton paper. Beyond depicting such places through representational means, it is the emotional resonance I have towards our environment more broadly that I hope translates into these works on paper.

About the Artist

Stirling grew up in Cannon Beach and, after high school, moved to Astoria, where he began taking drawing and printmaking courses at Clatsop Community College. He received his BFA from Oregon State University focusing on Printmaking Arts, studying with famed Artist Yuji Hiratsuka. Since then, he has exhibited in various galleries and venues in the Northwest. 

You can find Stirling’s work at River Sea Gallery in Astoria and White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach.