First Light at the Overlook: View From the Stephanie Inn

Artist: Karina Andrews
Based in: Astoria, Oregon
Medium: Woodblock Print on Paper, 34” x 34”
Date: 2023
Location at the Stephanie: Library

Artist Statement

Twilight along the water’s edge as the marine layer drifts silently from the Pacific to the cliffs overlooking the Stephanie Inn and a silvery, salty mist rises from the waves to greet the incoming dawn.

About the Artist

Karina Andrews creates paired-down, playfully sentimental woodblock print landscapes inspired by the places we go to look beyond ourselves and the people who help guide us there. Karina prints out of her studio in Astoria, using Western and Japanese-style woodblock printmaking techniques, focusing on process as a form of expression and creativity.

You can find Karina’s work at Shearwater in Cannon Beach.