Dreaming in Blue

Artist: Drea Frost
Based in: Cannon Beach, Oregon
Medium: Acrylic, 28” x 70”
Date: 2023
Location at the Stephanie: Lobby

Artist Statement

I wanted to create a piece that reflected the wild and rugged experience of surfing the northern Oregon coast, to capture that feeling of weightlessly dancing across the cold blue waters, as if in a dream.

About the Artist

Drea Rose Frost creates paintings that reflect a life near the dynamic waters of the Pacific Northwest. She is interested in our human relationship with the sea, and the vivid natural beauty of the rugged coastline inspires her work. When she is not painting, you will find her exploring the forests and coastal headlands. She is an avid surfer and ambassador of a clean ocean through environmental awareness. Drea lives in Cannon Beach and works as an artist, an independent curator/art consultant and runs a small gallery, Shearwater.

You can find Drea’s work at Shearwater and White Bird in Cannon Beach and Riversea in Astoria.