Our Signature Treatments

Designed to calm, soothe and restore, our spa uses ayurvedic principles that naturally feed your senses with herbs, flowers, fruit and natural remedies. Attentive on-site therapists offer a variety of massage services and techniques, tailored to your specific needs. Let our trained staff restore your muscles, skin and body. 

Note: Every guest will have the option to “intuitively select” their body oil aroma on all services except for our Full Body Signature Immersions. Every Service has a breathing and energy balancing exercise, closing the session with a mist of Hydrating Neroli Water.

Full Body Signature Immersions

Lavender Body Melt

90 MIN | $210

Inhale the calming, balancing benefits of wild lavender as you relax into Stephanie Spa’s signature experience, the three-part Lavender Body Melt. First, a rejuvenating scrub awakens your skin. A full body, lavender-infused massage follows to release your muscles and mind.

Neroli Blossom Recharge

90 MIN | $210

Our meditative, 90 minute healing sensory massage and full body treatment awakens the senses with the aroma of neroli oil, which is distilled from the white blossoms of orange trees. First, we start with a scalp massage and foot scrub, then a dry brush stimulates and drains the body’s lymphatic system, finally, a meditative massage with additional focus on the shoulders and feet with application of our Kerstin Florian Fuß Balm for deep, primal relaxation.

Ginger Renewal

90 MIN | $210

Release the warmth and healing of ginger to soothe and nourish your whole body. Our Turkish body scrub awakens the senses with eucalyptus and basil. A relaxing massage with ginger essential oil de-stresses and soothes.

Sensory Massages

Neroli Blossom Sensory Massage

60 MIN $185 | 90 MIN $235

Energy and spirits awaken with this refreshing, bitter orange blossom therapeutic massage. Tension release and deep breathing techniques renew your mind and body as you linger in an orange blossom dream.

Mineral Relief

60 MIN $185 | 90 MINUTES $235

Magnesium is an amazing tension remedy and is great for sleep and restoring energy to tired muscles. A replenishing, mineral-infused therapeutic massage restores magnesium to the body while relieving sore muscles and dissipating tension.

All About You Aromatherapy Massage

60 MIN $175 | 90 MIN $225

What does your body need right now? Let’s find out. Choose your own organic essential oil adventure as you intuitively select from a palette of aromatherapy ingredients. Let your Kerstin Florian practitioner meet your needs as you collaborate to soothe your senses, awaken your skin and release sore spots.

Prelude to Parenthood Massage

60 MIN $195 | 90 MIN $245

Immerse yourself in a soothing, prenatal massage that relieves the aches and pains that accompany the physical and emotional transitions of your body’s life-giving journey. At a time when you need to receive as much care as you are giving, allow our Kerstin Florian practitioner to guide you on a voyage that nurtures and balances your body and spirit.

Please Note: We recommend talking to your primary care physician before receiving treatments within your first trimester.

Botanical Wraps & Scrubs

Botanical Crush

60 MIN | $175

Let your body respond to Kerstin Florian’s mineral-rich, Turkish whole body scrub treatment. Choose your own organic essential oil from a palette of aromatherapy ingredients to accompany your full body exfoliation, followed by our signature rinsing technique (no need to leave the table). A deep hydration replenishes your skin and brings new energy to your day.

Essential Oil Hug

60 MIN | $165

This sensory experience includes a luxurious application of aromatherapy oils with mineral-rich body crème to your body. While cocooned in a spa blanket, steeped in the rich aromas, you’ll feel your body melt into relaxation as you lay on the heated massage table.

Treatment Enhancements

These treatment enhancements can be added to any of the services above.

Eye Rescue

ADD-ON | $25

In just minutes, this all-natural eye treatment provides visible wrinkle reduction, hydration and brightness. Soothing Neroli Water activates pads infused with nutrient-rich Laminaria Digitata algae to deliver revitalizing amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements on contact. Clinically proven to stimulate collagen, rehydrate and reduce redness and inflammation.

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

ADD-ON | $25

Our primary offering includes natural Body Oil (unscented), however it can be substituted with any Kerstin Florian body oil aroma of your choice.

Note: Can be added to Neroli Blossom Recharge, Neroli Blossom Sensory Massage and the Head Neck Shoulder Rescue.

CBD Butter

ADD-ON | $25

A soothing, luxurious CBD Infused Body Butter designed to be penetrating and readily absorbed quickly into the skin. Our CBD formula aids sore muscles, joint pain, and skin conditions, and it may elevate your mood. Our butter is rich with notes of orange, mint, and chocolate.

Deep Tissue Massage

ADD-ON | $50

Whether you’re an athlete, an individual with chronic pain, or you simply prefer a firmer touch, our deep tissue massage promises customized tension release in the areas that require focused attention.

Hot Stone Massage

ADD-ON | $50

Experience a true return to self with our hot stone massage.
Warmed basalt stones, stones formed from volcanic rocks, are methodically placed to release heat deep into the skin and muscles, targeting muscle tension and relieving pain, stress, and anxiety. Our practitioners recommend this treatment to those seeking to relax the connective tissues that specifically aid in releasing knots/tension.

Prenatal Massage

ADD-ON | $25

Modify any of our services to accommodate your expecting body.

Note: For your well-being and that of your little one, our practitioners implement specific techniques required for expectant guests. Therefore, it is highly recommended you share this information with us well in advance so that on the day of your treatment your experience is as seamless and relaxing as you deserve.

Head Neck Shoulder Rescue

+30 MIN | $75

This service will dedicate half of it’s time to scalp pressure points and the other half to neck, shoulders and trapezius using lavender body oil and Fuß
Balm which contains menthol, rosemary pine and lavender and aids in blood flow and eases tension in muscles and joints.

Foot Treatment

+30 Min | $75

Wrap up your treatment with a gentle foot scrub, acupressure and stretching exercises, tailored to your comfort.

Extended Massage Time

+30 MIN | $75

Helpful Tips

We recommend scheduling your massage appointments prior to visiting the Stephanie Inn for the greatest availability of services and appointment times 1-844- 205-1854. Massage services are available 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Please note: Gratuities are not included in the price of our services. A 20% gratuity is added upon checkout for your convenience. However, if your experience exceeded your expectations and you’d like to extend your appreciation to your Spa practitioner, it may be increased at your discretion. 
Because your massage services are reserved for you, we ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance should you need to cancel or change a scheduled appointment. The full amount of your service will be charged for cancellation and changes with less than 24 hours’ notice. No shows are charged the full treatment value.
Please be ready for your appointment at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled massage treatment so that you have time to change and relax. Your therapist will escort you from your guest room to our spa treatment rooms. Please keep in mind that arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of your treatment with full charges still applied.
We highly recommend drinking plenty of water before and after all spa services. Please silence mobile devices upon entering the spa or consider leaving them behind in a secure area.
While the Stephanie Inn does not provide these services on-site, the front desk would be happy to recommend some excellent salons in the area.