Uniquely Stephanie – Experience Something New

From guided wellness exercises to a mixology class, the Stephanie Inn offers the Uniquely Stephanie program, daily inspiration to those who want to take a little step into the unknown. Each day, we offer our guests a chance to get centered, get in touch with themselves, and get together with new friends for a memorable experience. Maybe it’s an Instagram-worthy photo tour of Cannon Beach, a Public Coast Brewery tour, or a trip to the farmers market with Chef Aaron. Just a few of our Uniquely Stephanie experiences are featured below. Sign up at the front desk for an hour of something new! Complimentary to guests of the Inn.

  • Public Coast Brewing Co. Tasting 

  • Beach Walk

    with Anson Nash
  • Honey Tasting

    with Brett Willyard  
  • Art of the Stephanie

  • Farm to Bar: Seasonal Mixology

  • Blue Enchantment: A Fruitful Culinary Guide

  • Spa Stephanie: 16-pt Acupressure Facial Exercise

  • Cannon Beach for History Lovers

  • Fresh & Seasonal Oregon